Mentoring CEOs and Business Owners


For the past 12 years I have been a chair for the international CEO peer mentoring group, The Executive Connection (TEC) which helps improve the effectiveness and enhance the lives of CEOs. I chair two high performing TEC groups comprising of business owners, CEOs and senior executives of non-competing small to medium enterprises which meet monthly to work together to help each other grow and improve their businesses.

I am passionate about helping people and businesses reach their full potential. I believe that this can be achieved by leveraging a trusted forum of highly experienced business professionals (people who know how to ask the right questions) to discuss key business issues so that members can make better decisions.

The Executive Connection’s 21,000 members in 16 countries are CEO’s, senior executives and business owners working together for better business results. Members participate in confidential monthly group meetings, facilitated by a TEC chair with access to one-to-one executive mentoring, expert speakers and out global network of business leaders.


Commercialising Technology


I am presently a principal of a consulting firm (John Beech & Associates Pty Ltd trading as Guided Innovation) specialising in assisting companies with strategy development and execution with emphasis on commercialising their technologies into global markets.

The sustainable competitive advantage of all businesses ultimately is heavily influenced by valuable intellectual property (IP) they have developed to address specific problems in the market. I work with companies through a process of guided innovation to fully understand the essence of this IP, to articulate and quantify the value of the problem that it solves and develop the business model and the road map to commercialise the IP into global markets.

As Director and senior executive at the NYSE & ASX listed Orbital Engine Company for 15 years, I was involved in the successful development and commercialisation of innovative engine technology into global markets. Since leaving Orbital in 2002, I have helped a variety of companies commercialise their intellectual property into global markets including technologies for the agriculture, energy, mining, recreation and financial services industries. I believe that Western Australia can develop a robust guided innovation process to commercialise technologies effectively so the industry becomes as successful as the mining and agricultural sectors.

Business Consulting


As Jay Walker, internet entrepreneur noted “All aspects of business – all products, all activities, all methods – have an information structure at their core that has long been hidden, just like the genetic codes of plants …. executives will have to create new genetic structures for their businesses.”

The Guided Innovation process aims to help executives build those genetic structures. In doing so, Guided Innovation seeks to systematically elevate innovation and ideas as the essence of business to be captured continuously as an “information assembly line” to simultaneously  improve business value while de-risking the enterprise  .

While at Orbital, I was involved in the negotiations of technology licenses with a value in excess of $200 million, raised capital in excess of $250 million, listed Orbital on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and negotiated long-term system sales and engineering services contracts with a value of over $400 million.

Some of the companies I have worked with since 2002 to fully capture the value of the specific intellectual property they have created include: Tropical Forestry Services (TFS), RemSafe, Breakaway Power Meters, Jetcut, Antaria, Anaeco, Entecho, Advanced Breaking Systems, Davies Wear Plate Systems and BankVault.

I have found the platform, tools and power laws embedded in Guided Innovation apply universally to the over 100 companies I have worked with on strategic consulting projects and mentoring of CEOs and business owners , not just those commercialising specific technologies.