Alan Miltz – Revenue is Vanity, Profit is Sanity, Cash is King

For the TEC45 May meeting, Alan Miltz returned to help the members to analyse their businesses financials using the Cash Flow Story software.

Alan Miltz has changed the way in which banks and business review financial performance. His analysis techniques are used in over 30 countries by leading banks, businesses and accounting firms.

Alan will share 20 years research in a dynamic presentation that will change the way you look at your company and interact with your bank.

What you will learn:

  • The financial analysis techniques used by the best global companies and banks to measure performance. Simple to implement with dramatic effects on your business.
  • How to eliminate business blind spots using Alan’s 90 minute strategic monthly board reporting process covering strategy, marketing, operations, people and finance
  • How CEOs can communicate financial strategy in a common language to effect positive change (your nonfinancial people are critical to financial performance too).
  • Effective communication between CEOs and CFOs.
  • How to measure the Cash Flow quality of your company? Are you funding growth or wastage in management?
  • How to evaluate the Cash Flow potential of your business using the “Power of One” – What 1% or 1 day changes does your company need to make to achieve your financial objective.
  • The three Cash Flow measures that are critical to measure and understand.
  • How to create a culture of Cash Flow excellence in your business.
  • How the bank reviews your performance.
  • How to lower your cost of borrowings.
  • Debt vs. Equity financing options.
  • How to implement the Cash Flow component of “Scaling Up”.

Alan’s interactive presentation will provide you with the methodology to unlock your blind spots and “Improve cash flow and grow the value of your business.”

Alan has presented to over 5000 business leaders globally. In his dynamic presentations Alan employs interactive tools and live case studies to highlight the significance of these performance measures and comprehensively describes how to implement them. Even seasoned financial professionals who thought they had seen and heard it all have been “wowed” by Alan penetrating analysis.


With over 20 years executive experience in a wide variety of industries, including financial services and manufacturing, Alan Miltz is a solution focused high level Corporate Executive with impeccable integrity and professional reputation.

Alan’s executive background ranges from founding director of Inmatrix Pty Ltd, founder of Cash Flow Story, and director of Pearl Finance Australia. Alan has extensive experience across all major finance fields, including financial analysis and debt finance boosting. Working across Europe, Asia and the USA as an accomplished speaker at seminars and conferences, Alan has a wide ranging experience and understanding of global banking operations

As founding director of Inmatrix, Alan has developed financial analysis techniques that have become a global standard for Businesses, CPA’s and Banks. These techniques are now being used in 30 Countries by over 20,000 customers including over 300 of the major banks in Australia, USA, Canada, South Africa, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines and Hong Kong. Alan has also completed in excess of 200 Business Plans for public companies and large private enterprises.

Alan’s concentrated business savvy has also assisted a large number of Australian companies to successfully raise debt finance from the major financial institutions to over $1.4B to date. Voted Best Speaker in Australia for TEC, the world’s largest CEO forum, Alan has been invited as a guest speaker at many CEO conferences globally, including the USA where in 2013 he presented to over 5000 leading CEOs.

During his career Alan has been involved in every level of company management giving him an incredibly strong grounding in all facets of business operations. With extensive experience as a senior executive, Alan has a thorough knowledge of what it takes to run an effective multinational business and is a valuable contributor to any organisation.

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