David Humphrys – Doing the right things, better


Having worked for both Alcoa and Woodside in senior executive roles, David comes to us with a wealth of experience in the resources sector. He has recently retired from a long career driving business improvement, often with the use of sophisticated Information Technology (IT) solutions.

Most recently, as Vice President Organisation Effectiveness and Performance Excellence, he led Woodside’s very successful multi-year productivity program. This transformation was a significant contributor to the company’s resilience in a challenging business environment. The financial results of this work was a $2 billion improvement, highlighted in Woodside’s 2014, 2015 and 2016 Annual Reports. Arguably, more significant has been the improvement culture that has become embedded in the company.

The Woodside program was company-wide and targeted benefits through:

  • Increases in production volumes from existing assets;
  • Reduction in operating and capital external spend; and
  • Improvements in organisation and process efficiencies.

Prior to this, as Woodside’s Vice President, Chief Information Officer and Alcoa’s Information Services Manager, David built and led large IT teams that executed strategies to grow and support international businesses.

He was leading the Information Technology function at Alcoa when the Alcoa Business System was deployed. This is an internationally recognised management system that drove significant improvement across this major industrial corporation. Much of the business improvement experience that David applied in Woodside was founded on lessons learned at Alcoa.

What is in the Workshop?

David will share with us his experience at Woodside and Alcoa, giving us some insights into how some large organisations work to improve their business. Along the way, he plans to give us the confidence and motivation to start the journey towards business and cultural improvement in our own teams.

He will share with us a simple model to guide our thinking and we will have the opportunity to try the first steps of that model to build improvement into the way we operate.

To prepare for the workshop, consider what are the critical few performance measures that indicate success in your business.