John Broons – The Challenge of Succession in Family Business

On Thursday the 8th of December John Broons presented his workshop “The Challenge of Succession in Family Business” to John’s TEC45 group at the head office of Odeum Farms. The session was attended by group members and select family members involved in the respective businesses.

Workshop Outline

All families are family businesses even if the main breadwinners work as employees for an enterprise. The family builds assets and manages the finances such that they can help all family members achieve their aspirations within the financial capacity of the family.

Through this process we teach our children how to manage money and the values by which they need to run their lives. We all need to know the process to follow to manage the assets of the family through our life for the benefit of the existing and future generations. John’s presentation will present the problems and some key tools to start the journey to truly enhance your life by managing the family wealth appropriately.

About the Speaker

John Broons is an award-winning TEC Chairman and has been a TEC chairman since 2007. John’s high level of knowledge and experience in handling the complexities of business has been further confirmed when he received the Robert Nourse Award and recently being awarded by TEC his 5th Chair Excellence Gold Award in succession.

John is an Accredited Family Business Advisor with Family Business Australia. He holds the Certificate and Advanced Certificate in Family Business Advising from the Boston based Family Firm Institute and is one of only 2 Fellows of FFI in Australia.  He also facilitates 2 Forum Groups for Family Business Australia.

More on John Broons

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