Mark Narustrang – The Art and Science of Decision Making

Mark is an experienced strategist and senior leader and has worked with boards and executives both locally and internationally in a range of industries to develop long term value creating strategies including at CBH, Landgate and BankWest. Proven at performing along the strategy spectrum from conceptual development through to project implementation, a core asset is Mark’s ability to analyse and interpret data and use it to inform significant decisions and measure performance. Mark runs a strategic planning consultancy called Pivotal Point which assists companies with strategy around lean and continuous improvement principles of which he is a major practitioner.

About the Workshop

Decision making is at the core of what CEOs and business owners do on a day to day basis. The quality of those decisions are pivotal in the success of businesses at both a strategic and operational level. The workshop covers four main aspects:

  1. The Science of Decision-Making – This is an area where there have been significant advances in understanding of how people make decisions and the shortcomings of those processes.
  2. The Science of Probability – The use of good data as part of the decision making process can make a profound difference in addressing some of the shortcomings of decision making.
  3. The Art of Strategic Planning – Arguably the most important decisions for a company relate to strategic planning and execution and a process for effective decision making in this area will be outlined.
  4. Tools for Decision Making – The process of decision making needs to be disciplined and there are some simple tools that can be deployed to bring greater rigour.

TEC is part of the decision making process of members and TEC/Vistage have embraced a deep understanding of this critical executive function as part of its core value proposition to members. We will share some of the work that TEC/Vistage are doing. The workshop that Mark will present will take these understandings to the next level.

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