Michael Simkovic, Gary Hale, Graeme Speak – Cyber Security in Business

The July TEC45 meeting saw three experts in Cyber Security present a short resource session to the group. Michael Simkovic, the managing director of CSO Group, Gary Hale, the managing director of SK8 Limited, and Graeme Speak, the CEO/Founder of BankVault.com.


Michael Simkovic, Managing Director, CSO Group Pty Ltd

Michael is a widely respected professional within the IT industry having successfully architected and overseen many key business initiatives.  After 17 years with ASG Group (Australia’s Largest listed IT company – 2016), where he most recently held the position of General Manager Strategic Accounts and Services, Michael has founded CSO Group, an Information and Cyber Security business.

CSO Group is focused on advising, consulting and managing organisation’s business risk of cyber security, planning, architecting and managing ALL the challenges to address one of the greatest risks facing businesses today.

“Cyber Security is a Business Problem not an IT problem”

Michael’s unique commercial and business acumen within the IT industry has seen him develop an unrivalled reputation for successful partnering across the IT sector, fusing the products and services of start-ups to multinationals to realise the business benefits sought from technology.

Key to his success has been his visionary placement of partners with clients looking to keep at the forefront of the ever-changing world of products and services.  Forging trust and long standing relationships with agile and innovative advisory skills, vendors specialisation, product innovators, IT service providers and clients alike.  Working from the board to the IT Operations teams, he has worked to assist with the communication divide to realise the outcomes businesses are seeking.

Gary Hale, Managing Director, SC8 Limited, GAICD, AFAIM

Gary is the newly appointed Managing Director for SC8 Limited (‘SC8’ pronounced ‘scate’), a privately held start-up focussed on the development of cyber resilient services for the Operational IT (OT) Environments, including critical infrastructure and platform providers.

Gary is a board member for the Australian Cyber Security Research Institute (ACSRI), and advisory board member for UNSW (Canberra) Australian Centre for Cyber Security (ACCS), Edith Cowan University’s Cyber Security Research Institute (ECUSRI), and Curtin University’s Science & Engineering Committee (SAE).

Prior to joining SC8, Gary was Cisco’s Theatre Director responsible for the development of trusted relationships around Cyber Security initiatives & thought leadership with Government, Industry Research & Education partners and customers, for the Asia-Pacific and Japan (APJ) theatre, with a specific focus around Australia, Japan and India. This includes shaping national policy; joint threat intelligence planning and interdiction; certification and verification; establishing research, education and training partnerships; and driving pilots and partnerships with Cisco’s transformational customers.

Gary spent 13 years in leading and developing new markets for Cisco in cyber, media, and satellite communications, and prior to this completed 20 years in the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) focussed on Space and C4I capability development programs.

Gary has completed a Bachelor of Engineering at Curtin University, and a Master’s of Science in Space Operations at the US Air Force Institute of Technology. He is married and has two children, and resides in Perth, Australia.

Graeme Speak, CEO/Founder  BankVault.com

Graeme is an entrepreneur, technologist and kitesurfer who works at the intersection of Cyber Security and Fintech.  The company he founded in Perth now has offices in Sydney and San Francisco where this month it presented to the U.S. President’s Senior Advisor on Cyber Security, the former Mayor of NYC, Rudy Giuliani.  Last year BankVault was awarded Top Fintech Startup worldwide at the World Cup Tech Challenge in Silicon Valley, a competition spanning 30-50 countries.  BankVault’s latest cyber innovation is an “Invisible Safe Keyboard” which is being readied for a pilot with one of the world’s largest financial institutions. Coming from the coalface we’ve asked Graeme to explain the cyber issue in practical tangible terms. How do hackers bypass the banking security Fob in your pocket or the SMS text on your phone and steal all your money?  How can you stop it from happening to you?

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