Odeum’s vision is to be a vertically integrated farm supplier and aggregator of selected produce lines into national chain stores along with developing expanded local and export market by direct partnering with supermarkets, tourism and hospitality enterprises . The company is a grower based marketing joint venture designed to deliver value and optimal outcomes for both growing and retailing components of the supply chain.

Odeum is dedicated to providing the freshest quality fruit and vegetables for a healthy community. To do this, they have developed and implemented a number of internationally recognised food safety and quality assurance systems for perishable product from grower to the client. Their point of difference lies in their ability to respond quickly to changes within the fruit and vegetable industry through investment and development of best practice farming techniques as well as to value add through their extensive prepacking operation.

Managing Director of Odeum Farms, John Travers has been involved in the fresh produce industry for over 25 years. He opened the iconic Boatshed Fresh Markets in 1988, Freshcorp in 2000 and joined the board of Odeum Farms in 2009. John is a member of the Western Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s (CCI) Food Advisory group and has been a member of John’s TEC group (TEC45) since 2010 during which time the business has more than doubled in size.