Chris Butterworth – Profitable Growth through Lean Thinking

Chris was the overall program director for the work with Cogent Power described in the Shingo prize winning book “Staying Lean”. He has spoken on Lean Thinking at many International Conferences and has published papers in various journals and books. He has facilitated Lean Thinking workshops for executive management programs at a wide range of international business schools.

Highly interactive session exploring Lean Thinking and how it can be applied to any kind of organisation.
• Explores the underlying principles
• Explains why lean thinking is an enabler for profitable growth
• Explodes the misconceptions about Lean Thinking and how to better ensure you reap the benefits.
Understand why customer satisfaction is not the same as customer value and learn a simple technique for really understanding what your customers value.
This workshop has been previously run very successfully with TEC groups across the UK.

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