WAFEX’s vision is to harness its’ global networks to promote random acts of kindness through the giving of flowers. Arrangements of flowers help to communicate human emotions in a very effective way. Archaeologists have provided proof that this custom has origins in prehistoric traditions. History, myths and tales dating back to ancient China, Greece, Rome and Egypt show flowers to be an integral part of social customs which continue to the present day. People today are spread far around the world but the demand for both recognisable and unique flowers, both for gifting and decoration, continues to grow.

The challenges to meet this demand affect both buyer and grower:

1. The logistics to supply flowers which are a perishable item from where they are grown to customer so they arrive as a quality product with a long shelf life is very challenging

2. Customers have trouble getting the wide range of flowers from around the world that the market requires

3. Growers don’t have efficient and reliable channels to market to get the best price for their products

Through advancement of science and technology, flowers can now bloom all year-round and can be delivered across the globe. Over 25 years, WAFEX has developed proprietary systems to bring the widest variety of quality fresh flowers from growers around the globe to the remote Australian and other markets. They also are a leading breeder of native Australian flora and supplier of Australian flowers to markets all around the globe.

Craig Musson, Managing Director at WAFEX, has been a member of The Executive Connection (TEC45) for over 10 years during which time he has grown his business over 3 times to $35 million. He has developed his key executive team, like Daniel Stean (General Manager, WAFEX), by having them as members of TEC as well.