Simon Waller – Using Digital Champions to Unlock the Productivity Benefits of the Digital Revolution

On the 31st of January and 2nd of February, Simon Waller presented his session “Using Digital Champions to Unlock the Productivity Benefits of the Digital Revolution” to both KEY117 and TEC45 groups, respectively.

About the Speaker

Simon is passionate about making work better and believes that digital technology provides an extraordinary opportunity to improve the way we do business. Simon’s purpose is to show people how digital technology can be applied to make work faster, cheaper and easier so we can spend more of our time and energy on the things that matter.

Simon has no formal IT experience, everything he knows is about business. He focuses his energy on finding business problems that will benefit from digital solutions, rather than promoting digital solutions that are looking for a suitable problem.

Apart from his work with TEC, Simon is also a conference speaker, author and digital coach. He helps people work more efficiently, at lower cost whilst producing better outcomes. Most importantly Simon will help you be more human in a world of digital business.


Digital Ready: Digital innovation & changing business

Do you find that digital and IT projects often fail to deliver against expectations? Is the uptake of new technology in your organisation slow or even actively resisted? Is your organisation struggling to keep up with the rate of technology change?

Because of these challenges many small and medium size businesses fail to identify and implement valuable digital projects that would allow their people to work smarter and be more efficient. Digital Ready is a hands-on and ironically low tech, workshop designed specifically for SMEs to help them overcome these challenges. Facilitated by Digital Coach and Leadership expert Simon Waller, this workshop will build participants understanding of and engagement with digital technology while at the same time identifying practical opportunities to work smarter in your business.

What is in the workshop

  • Understand what is behind the inevitable shift from analogue to digital business
  • Explore how our beliefs and mindset might limit our engagement with digital technology
  • Understand the impact of digital disruption and how you can benefit from it
  • Learn how digital technology can make your work faster, cheaper and easier than ever before
  • Identify practical opportunities for applying digital technology and prioritise actions.