Tony Watt – Managing Your Company’s Culture

Tony Watt previously presented to the TEC45 and KEY117 groups in October and will be returning in February to work with members on their individual culture values assessment, and how they can manage culture within their businesses.

Tony Watt, a corporate sociologist, is the owner and principal of The Culture Doctor P/L.

A graduate of the Australian Institute for Company Directors, Tony understands what makes a successful organisation tick.

His leadership roles spanned 37 years and took him from the chalkboard to the boardroom. His principalship of primary and secondary schools in both the State and Private sectors culminated in his appointment in 1994 as CEO of a fledgling private education company in Queensland. Under his 12 year stewardship it grew into a highly successful business entity which owned and operated four separate colleges, sister schools in PR China, and an international language college in Brisbane. He led a staff of 300. His not-for-profit company had an annual turnover in 2005 of $23 million. Tony is a foundation member of TEC43 (2003).

Increasing the Effectiveness of Chief Executives and Other Leaders.

Mastering Your Healthy Corporate Culture – Culture by Design: Benchmarking Your Real Company Culture

Objectives of the Session

Every organisation has a culture. Trouble is, it mightn’t be the one that you want or think you have. “Companies that focus on culture have eight times the productivity boost compared to those that focus on strategy” – Research finding.

Members can expect an energetic, professional and entertaining presentation from The Culture Doctor® where proven yet simple tools are demonstrated within a powerful model for achieving mastery of any organisational culture. Tony’s audiences discover that a leader doesn’t need expensive ‘cookie-cutter’ instruments to powerfully know and lead their organisations’ cultures.

  • To explore, then link ‘discretionary effort’ (values) to productivity(value) and significant competitive advantage.
  • To establish the link among values, beliefs and behaviours as the key elements of corporate culture.
  • To equip members with simple tools to benchmark the health of the real cultures of their enterprises.


Contents of the Presentation / Workshop

  • What is Culture and why is it important?
  • What is the difference between the real culture and an aspirational culture.
  • How to measure it so that you can manage it.
  • Comparison of flawed rational model versus preferred beliefs-based
  • How values and a healthy corporate culture conspire to release discretionary effort and create value.
  • Denial, Shiny Brass Plaque Syndrome and Case Studies illustrating the cost of self-deception.
  • Simple Model – Simple Tools for Leadership and Mastery of Healthy Corporate Culture.
  • Workshop based on the aspirational culture of The Executive Connection and its four values namely, Trust; Care; Challenge; Growth (Refer Appendix).


Take home value to members

  • Clear understanding of the concept of corporate culture and how to benchmark the real culture.
  • Understanding the pivotal role of personal values in driving discretionary effort of team members.
  • Tool for uncovering internal company strengths and weaknesses – ‘SW’ component of SWOT.
  • Quality workbook covering all presented material.


Value for TEC Chair

Benchmarking their group’s real culture against the aspirational TEC / Vistage culture.

A complimentary, uniquely populated, Cultural Health Check® on-line tool to benchmark progress towards the Zone of Discretionary Effort (platinum Standard) of the TEC aspirational culture. Complimentary six-monthly benchmarking access (commercial value for average-sized TEC group = $1200).

The group’s 20% (3-4) least preferred behaviours to be actioned in Part III workshop.

A group culture aligned with the aspirational culture of The Executive Connection (TEC).


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